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Sunday afternoon. Cloudy skies, a chill in the April air. A day made for reading by the fire. And then the doorbell rings.

A salesman? A survey-taker? A subscription to Cheese-of-the-Month Club?


Or maybe not.

The fellow on my doorstep is well-spoken, polite. Adorable.

And I’m an old married grandma in baggy sweatpants. Dang!

The fellow in question is Scotty James, selling his CD door-to-door on a fund-raising mission to get to Nashville to meet with Taylor Swift’s label.

Or something like that. It’s been a long time since twenty-something eye candy has rung my door bell. I may not be listening as carefully as I should…

As a writer, I know how hard it is to garner the attentions of the powers that be. Scotty’s journey is not so unlike my own. I have no cash, am contemplating a run to the ATM on this frigid day, but hark! Scotty takes checks.

What can I do but run upstairs for DH’s check book?

I unwrap the cellophane, slip the CD into the player. The music is good, the voice smooth.

I like.

Networking is an awesome, powerful, adrenaline-pumping machine. Word of mouth is fuelled by social media. No matter what you do, don’t ever underestimate the value of the next contact you make. The old grandma in baggy sweatpants just might have a blog!

Scotty James’ appearance on my door step serves as a seismic slap to the head. When you finish this post, don’t just watch the video for Scotty’s single, Wanna Be Loved, below, but check out Scotty’s website and read his story. This young man went house to house, knocked on doors, and sang his heart out on strangers’ front lawns!

Not that writers are passive by any means. We court criticism with every contest we enter, we tempt rejection with every query we send.

Scotty James didn’t stop at auditions and demos. He didn’t put up a website and wait for Facebook likes and Twitter followers. He certainly didn’t sit by the Internet waiting for recording contract to land in his lap. This young artist took ownership of his career.

Holy Carpe Diem, Batman. Now that’s what I call Sizzle!

I don’t know that I’ll cart my books door-to-door, but there is one heck of a lesson I can learn from young Scotty’s approach.

And now, without further adieu, here is Scotty James. Follow. Listen. Like.

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