A party. A Milestone Party. Woot! And a compilation post, to boot. Not a compilation CD, and no special features disc, but cool all the same. Where else can you find all of us at one location at the same time?

The Life Listers ponder, and answer, the not-so-eternal question:

“What goal on your Life List surprised you most or brought about the most unforeseen changes?”

Each of us, in turn, answered. And now it’s your turn. One random reader who leaves a Life List comment on any of our posts between June 29, 2012 (Holy Calendar, Batman! That’s today!) and July 6, 2012, will receive a $50 gift card. Amazon or Barnes & Noble: Winner’s Choice!

Be sure to visit The life List Club for the announcement on July 6. The Surprisification may belong to you!

See you on the LIST!

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