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I interupt this regularly scheduled haunted hotel-a-thon to bring you a little entertainment and culture.

Yes, culture. Classical music. Classical Sizzle.

Relax, you’ll like it.

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this post, here’s a little sampler to tie last weeks post, Shine On, with next week’s continuing saga of haunted hotels, beginning with New York’s Dolphin Hotel.

Make that Stephen King’s twisted take on The Dolphin Hotel, setting for the novella, 1408, later brought to silver screen starring the yummable John Cusack.

Ready? Pillow clutched to chest? Hands glued to face, peeking between your fingers? Good, ’cause this is some funny horrifying chit…

What did I tell you?

How did I come across this little gem, you ask? Combination curiosity and one new follower, NYParrot.

Her feature of the day, the day I clicked her link, so kindly provided by the fine programmers at wordpress, was a post on Igudesman & Joo.

Classical music, artfully played, infused with humour. What could be better?

Okay, who just shouted ‘tunafish sandwich’? Please. Get real.

Hmm. Sandwich. I am a little hungry…

Tell you what. You all enjoy this clip. I’m going to grab lunch. When I get back, I hope I’ll find some comments. Say whatever comes to mind (keep it family rated, please). However, if you have a new passion inspired by what you’ve seen featured on a blog, you know, like I have a passion for John Cusack, I hope you’ll share.

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