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I have a friend I met in belly dance class. Not sure how good of a friend, for when I fessed up to having a granny cart for bringing home groceries, she threatened to run me over if she ever saw me with it–despite the fact that my cart is race car red.

‘Twas meant as a compliment. I may be a grandmother, but since, so my friends says, I don’t yet look like a grandma, I’m not allowed to act like one, either. Make that forbidden.

Guess that puts her in the good friend category.

This friend is a non-writing friend. I have a few of those, and while we have many things in common and chat about husbands and children, vacations and gardens, horses and shooze and goodness knows what else, including their jobs, its always a little odd to talk about what I do for a so-called living. Writing.

Unless there is something exciting in my immediate writing world going on, like a book launch, writing can be a boring subject for those not intimately involved. Since I’ve only had one launch, you can imagine how dull those conversations can be.

FRIEND: How was work today, Sherry?

ME: Started out okay. I wrote what I thought was one humdinger of a sentence until I realized I had a participle dangling in the middle of it. I took out the participle, and ended up with a cadence problem that I fixed by trading in a one-syllable verb for a two. But then I had a gerund that seemed to weaken the impact, so I clicked on ‘writing tools’, ‘thesaurus’, and…

You know your friend’s no longer listening when they haul the dental floss out of their purse and try to fashion a noose.

I went for a walk with my belly dancing friend the other night. I’ve been to her house for tea (read: wine. I’m typically a shiraz girl, but she and I have bonded over our common favourite, gewurztraminer) and she’s been to mine, but this was our first walk.

We motored. We broke a sweat. We were breathless but kept on talking.

ME: This is nice. I usually go for walks by myself.

FRIEND: By yourself? Don’t you find it boring?

ME: No. The exercise helps me work out sticky issues in my plot.

FRIEND: Plot for what? Your bid at world domination?