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The release of Sharon Clare’s Love of Her Lives has me thinking of fated lovers, destined to live, and love, for eternity.

Sometimes, a story takes you on a journey far from the truths you hold dear. Sometimes, you have to suspend your belief.

Like a never-ending merry-go-round, some believe we live our lives over again.

With black and white sequences, Dead Again explores this phenomenon we call reincarnation. The film, starring Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh, revisits a murder from the 1940s and brings noir film back to life, pun intended.

IMHO, Robin Williams has the film’s best lines. “Someone’s either  a smoker or a non-smoker, there’s no in between. Trick is to find out which one you are, and be that.”

~Substitutes ‘smoker’ for ‘writer’, looks in mirror, drags self out of revision limbo.~

If we could live our lives over again, why would we? Why climb aboard the merry-go-round?

To continue our life journey?

To right past wrongs?

William’s character has another great line: “You burn somebody somebody in one life, they get a chance to burn you back in this one. It’s the Karma Credit Plan. Buy now, pay forever.”

Looking in my shoe closet, I wonder if I spent a past life bare foot.

Enjoy the trailer.