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Born 1959. Died 1964. Born 1964.

Intriguing, no?

Frank De Felitta’s 1975 novel, Audrey Rose, captured imaginations. The movie version starring Anthony Hopkins and newcomer Susan Swift followed in ’77.

I’ve read the book–corny dialogue, stilted prose, and a temptation to skim that was hard to resist. IMHO

But the premise?


Ah. Now that was something. As a line of dialogue from the film depicts, the tale of Audrey Rose is ‘a vast cosmic drama.’

So the pages kept turning. Was Ivy Templeton truly the reincarnated soul of a little girl that had died in a fire? Was reincarnation real? I had to know. And I could not let go of the hope, impossible as I knew it was, that at the end of the book a definitive answer would be revealed.

I believe in life after death; I come by that belief through Christian faith rather than Hindu. I believe we come from God and return to God. Yet if I believe, as I do, that all things are possible through God, then who am I to discount past lives?

Perhaps we are not meant to know, but rather, we are meant to believe.

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