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‘Tis been a summer of celebration for our wee critique group.

Sharon Clare’s Love of Her Lives released unparalleled steam this August.

Late September, Urve Tamberg’s The Darkest Corner of the World will unveil.

We are an eclectic bunch–Sharon writes Romance, Tamberg writes YA Historical. Me, the genre-challenged? I slap words on the page and hope for the best.

Perhaps my genre is atmosphere.

I believe Sharon, Urve and I are a strong group because of our differences in genre and style and even our approach. We respect, love and admire each other’s writing–and each other–but our varied perspectives allow us to see things in each others work, good and not so good, that the author herself may never see.

Four years. Seems to be working. On this road trip called writing, I’ve been blessed to have Sharon and Urve riding shot gun. The road has been long and hard and dotted with potholes of despair. Today, I pack a picnic lunch, and sit on the peak of publication with my peeps.

Sharon, Urve, promise me that for today at least, you will lose yourself in the moment.

Writers. We don’t give up that easy, nope.