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Suave, debonair, and incompetent, Maxwell Smart was television’s answer to James Bond and Inspector Clouseau.

Get Smart was, and still is, one of my favourite programs. Memorized reruns saw me through homework every night of junior high. A few years ago, DH bought me the complete set on DVD. Imagine, 5 seasons of outrageous perfection, all to myself. And the box was a model of the telephone booth Max disappeared in during the opening credits.


If you’re going to have a hero, you must have a villain.

Bernie Kopell, who reappeared on another youth favourite, The Love Boat, played Max’s nemesis, Siegfried. In an interview I watched years ago, Kopell’s agent called him about the part, then asked, ‘You can speak in a German accent, cant’ you?’

Kopell, who’d never considered a German accent, let alone attempted one, answered as Siegfried.

What were your favourite shows in your teen years? This is Kaos. We don’t shush here… but we do take comments.

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