Less than a year of blogging and already I must write a command post for the Queen. Queen of the Kasbah, that is. The one, the only, Tami Clayton.

Tami tagged me, and I am duly honoured, and yet, I’m not fond of being tagged. On the one hand, blog fodder has been handed to me on a silver keyboard. On the other, I feel obliged to respond within preset parameters.

I do twists, I do turns, but parameters? Not so much.

And so, I respond to this command from the Queen of the Kasbah with, as you may have guessed, a twist.

To me, quotes are borne of poignant prose, pretty lines that move me or make me look at a situation in a different light, words that enlighten, verses that offer an impetus to change. Lines like these are worth noting and remembering, printing out and pinning to the fridge.

And then there are the lines that make you snort soda out your nose while orange bubbles of laughter burst between pursed lips.

Ah, but that isn’t much of a twist. (Or, I’m making excuses because I don’t have enough quote fodder for this post…)


I’ll spread the snorts, er, quotes, across the weeks, months, eons–whatever it takes–to achieve the requisite seven and meet the Kasbah Queen’s command.

Perhaps I won’t stop at seven.

So here we go, memorable, snortable, quotable book line number one, brought to you by Robert B. Parker, School Days. I feature this Spenser novel for two reasons:

1. I was in mid-read of this Spenser novel when I paused to peruse the Kasbah Queen’s Command, and

2. At the precise moment when I read this killer line, the blogger fairy in me jumped up and shouted, Yippee Ki Yay!

Put down the orange soda, readers. Ready or not, here it comes:

Yes, I was a poetic devil, but at issue here, actually, was how well could I shoot.

Killer, right? I love a line that makes me snort out loud. And a little farther down the paragraph Robert B. makes me laugh again, more of a quiet ka-snorttle than a snort, but laughter all the same:

My gun would have to do. It’s a poor workman who blames his tools.

Love Robert B.’s voice, and though this is my second novel of his, his punchy style is making this author a fast favourite.