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Where do you get your ideas from?

Writers build world from words, yet that question…

Oh, that question.

At the moment, I’m in my hometown. I’m happy to be here, but I long for my adopted home, Toronto. I’m in Winnipeg to visit friends and family, but I’m also here to conduct a little research on book. A book based on an idea I had a long time ago. An idea set in Winnipeg’s history.

Don’t ask me where that idea came from.

Ideas come from snippets of conversation, the hue of a sunset, the twist of a misunderstood phrase, a wardrobe malfunction, an epitaph.

I can just imagine the Shuffle Demons in 1984, drumming their fingers, humming a tune that would lead to their next recording, all while waiting for the bus. But not just any bus–

The 77B
on the TTC

What’s that? Don’t speak Torontonian? Allow me to translate:

TTC: Toronto Transit Commission
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