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Last summer, a few wild things happened. Wildest, I launched my first book, Storyteller. Then I launched a Twitter account and author pages on both Facebook and Goodreads–things that required me to pimp my bio.

For a writer, wrapping a career in a one-sentence bow should be easy, but can prove to be the greatest challenge of our career. After some swearing, tearing my hair out, careful consideration, I came up with this:

Raised by Nancy Drew & Miss Marple, I weave love, life and forgiveness into tales that transcend all things, including the grave.

Admirers of Agatha Christie delight in that line, but it is the followers of Nancy Drew, those that drifted through the turbulent waters of adolescence under her Keene tutelage, that zero in on her name and influence most.

Still, I was thrilled at the response when I put out a call for guest authors to post in my month-long ode to Nancy Drew. Writing women in my cyberworld, writers I’ve only met online, writers I’d never been acquainted with, waved their hands in the air and shouted, ‘Pick me! Pick me!’

Taking in the responses was a little overwhelming. Nancy touched these authors lives in different ways, and at different times. Different women, different backgrounds, different genres, and removed from their teenaged years by varying degrees, all have one thing in common. Nancy’s influence was positive, and held strong long after her books were turned in for college, career, and adulthood.

Next week, I’ll share a little of what I’ve learned about Nancy and the woman who brought her to life on the page, Carolyn Keene. Over the month of November, nine writers will share their memories of Nancy Drew. In their words, they will tell us how Nancy entertained, inspired, and perhaps even shaped them into the outstanding women they are today.

I can think of no finer tribute.

November 3 Bonnie Staring
November 7 Barbara Forte Abate
November 10 Adrienne Clarke
November 14 Jean Joachim
November 17 Kellie Kamryn
November 21 Julie Farrar
November 24 Peggy O’Keefe
November 28 Linda Adams
December 1 Maggie Montgomery
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